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About the Journal 


The initial idea for the B(C)LJ/RD(C)N was developed in 2021 by Mohammed Odusanya, a law student at McGill University's Faculty of Law. Dismayed by the lack of law journals dedicated to critical discussion of Black people's relationship to the Canadian legal system, he conceived of a journal that would permanently centre Black voices in Canadian legal discourse. 


 With the support of the Black Law Students' Association of Canada, the Journal welcomed its first editorial team in 2022 and has been in continuous operation since. 

Aim and Scope 

Founded in 2021, the B(C)LJ/RD(C)N is an academic, peer-reviewed, bilingual law journal produced by law students from various law faculties across Canada. The Journal aims to bring into focus legal issues pertaining to the communities of Black people within Canada, and the communities of Black people, globally, that are subject to the laws and judicial power of the Canadian State. 

The parentheses around the word "Canadian" is intended to acknowledge the complex, and often uneasy, relationship that Black people have with the Canadian nation-state. 


The Journal publishes leading academic work at the intersection of law and race related to migration, Indigeneity, sexuality, gender, imperialism, incarceration, labour, citizenship, etc., along with “traditional” areas of legal study.

How to Contribute?

The journal encourages people who identify as Black to submit their scholarship, but it will not deny entries on the basis of race. Submissions can  center around answering the following thought-provoking research questions but the list is not exhaustive:

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