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The B(C)LJ  generally accepts articles on a rolling basis. For our first issue, submissions will be accepted between November 6th, 2023 and February 29th, 2024.


Submitted articles are reviewed internally by the B(C)LJ  Editorial Board. The duration of the Internal Review is approximately 6 weeks. Thereafter, an external Peer Review takes 8 weeks. The author is expected to work closely and cooperate with the Editorial Board throughout the Internal and External review process. 


The B(C)LJ  will verify all quotations, footnotes, style and substantive content to ensure the accuracy of the sources cited in the submission. Authors are given appropriate time to address and correct the BCLJ’s comments and suggestions.   

Articles that successfully undergo both an internal and external review process are accepted. Completed articles are published online on the B(C)LJ website.

Categories of Submissions

The B(C)LJ welcomes the following submission types, but not limited to: 


I. Academic articles consisting of legal scholarship that advances discourse, prevalence, and scholarship with respect to legal issues related to Black communities. Strong preference will be given to articles between 10,000 to 25,000 words, including footnotes.


II. Case comments engaging in critical discussion of recent jurisprudence relating to race and legal issues affecting Black communities. Strong preference will be given to articles between 5,000 to 10,000 words, including footnotes.

Submission standards

The B(C)LJ  accepts submissions via email to The Journal does not accept submissions via fax or post.


Submission guidelines:  


  1. Documents must be Microsoft Word documents, and double-spaced with 1-inch margins;

  2. A capital “B” must be used when referring to the Black community, e.g.: “This is an emerging legal issue affecting Black communities in Canada”;

  3. A title page must be included. It must contain the author(s) names, institutional affiliations, advanced degrees, a declaration about conflicts of interest, any personal notes of thanks or financial acknowledgements;  

  4. A table of contents must be included;

  5. If tables and figures are used, they must be embedded in the text document that is submitted;

  6. Submissions must be numbered starting at page 1; and

  7. A 200–300-word abstract.

Citation style 

Articles must include footnotes that conform to the 9th Edition of the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation. Endnotes or in-text citations are not accepted.

Exclusivity and Copyrights 
  • The author will retain the copyright of their submission(s).

  • The author agrees that they have not simultaneously submitted the piece to any other journal or online database.

  • The author agrees they will not submit the piece to any other journal for 8 months after submission, until the B(C)LJ  rejects the submission, or by express consent from the B(C)LJ .

  • A piece published by the B(C)LJ  can be reproduced or re-published if the reproduced portion is clearly marked as originating in the B(C)LJ .

  • The Journal is also accessible through leading legal databases such as CanLii. 

Conflicts of Interest

The B(C)LJ  requires authors to disclose any real, apparent, or potential conflicts of interest in their submission. 


Conflicts of interest will not prevent an author from submitting to the B(C)LJ . Conflicts are used to ensure the integrity of the editorial process and are declared in a footnote of the submission. 

Publication Ethics

To ensure the integrity of the B(C)LJ, authors agree that: 


  • Discussions pertaining to racial communities are respectful;


  • Co-authors and co-researchers are credited for meaningful contributions; and


  • They are personally and actively involved in substantial work of their submission and will take public responsibility for its content.


The B(C)LJ reserves the right to reject the publication of any submission violating the Ethics Policy.

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